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Monthly Archives: October 2018

INTERA Presents at TOUGH Symposium 2018

Rainer Senger, PhD, Principal Hydrogeologist at INTERA, co-chaired the Nuclear Waste Management session at the TOUGH Symposium held October 10 -13 in Berkeley California. In addition to chairing the session, Dr. Senger also gave a presentation on Modeling of Gas Transport through Bentonite Taking into Account Subscale Structures with Process-Dependent Behaviour, whose authors also included…
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Optimizing Well Performance Through Dynamic Flow and Chemistry Profiling

Stringent drinking water standards for constituents like chromium, arsenic, volatile organic compounds, and nitrates, combined with continually higher demand for groundwater resources have led to the need for more efficient and accurate well characterization. Many wells are screened across multiple aquifers to maximize groundwater production, and since these aquifers can have different water qualities, the…
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INTERA Wins Contract with Swiss Radioactive Waste Management Agency

INTERA has won a 3-year contract with the Swiss National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra) to support the deep boreholes project (TBO) with the performance, analysis, and documentation of hydraulic packer tests in vertical and inclined boreholes. The hydraulic packer tests will be performed at depths ranging between 30 to 1400 m…
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