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Welcome to Intera!

Founded in 1974, INTERA is an employee-owned geosciences and engineering consulting firm. As a medium-sized company, we focus on excelling in our key areas of expertise. Our people, our commitment, and the reliable solutions we deliver are what differentiate INTERA from other consulting firms.

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Expert People

INTERA’s scientists and engineers are some of the most talented in their respective fields. Our high level of expertise, combined with practical hands-on experience gained from hundreds of projects, enables us to provide high-quality and cost-effective services to meet even the most complex technical challenges.

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Exceptional Commitment

Not only are we fully committed to working safely, producing quality results, and exceeding client expectations, but our commitment extends to the very issues and challenges that we solve. We work to protect and restore the environment, find ways to use water and other natural resources sustainably, and safely isolate radioactive and other hazardous wastes because these issues are important to us, personally.

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Excellent Solutions

Talented people that are totally committed to client service and the work they are doing produce technically sound and reliable solutions. At INTERA, we work diligently every day to achieve our corporate vision of Delivering Excellence with Every Solution.

Latest News

Find out about events or exhibits we are attending, conference presentations we are making, where we are expanding geographically, new services we are offering, some of our key project accomplishments and publications, and more...