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President’s Message


INTERA recently defined a new corporate purpose statement, Innovation and Stewardship for a Sustainable Tomorrow. This statement encapsulates the reason we show up to work each day—to be good innovators and stewards of our clients’ trust, our natural resources, our communities, and our company. In living this purpose, we apply insight, creative thinking, and scientific rationale to spur environmental innovation and stewardship. Our approach to each day is simple:

  • We listen and collaborate to develop practical and sustainable solutions
  • We challenge the status quo and continuously seek better answers
  • We take the long view and apply some of the best technical expertise and capabilities in the industry
  • We place the health and safety of people above all else and recognize that exceptional safety performance is vital to achieving excellence in quality, productivity, and profitability

One of INTERA’s key differentiators has always been a very low employee attrition rate. At 3% each year, this rate is less than a third of our industry peers. We achieve this low attrition by not only providing staff with exciting and meaningful projects to work on, but through broad-based employee ownership and purposeful engagement. Low attrition leads to continuity in project teams that spans years, and in many instances decades, all to the benefit of our clients. INTERA engages staff through a clear purpose, a guiding set of core values, and a continuous feedback process (via anonymous surveys). The result is a meaningful and sustainable corporate culture (see The Culture Book, Volume 1: When Culture Clicks)—a culture that promotes long-term employment.

INTERA brings together staff members from 17 countries around the world. While we know this diversity represents a major corporate strength, we also recognize that there is much more to be accomplished in establishing a truly diverse and inclusive workforce. Consistent with INTERA’s core values and commitment to being good stewards of our communities, we stand in solidarity against racism and social injustice, and believe that equality for people of every race and color is a basic human right. We are fully committed to further developing the diversity and inclusivity of our team, and to applying the life experiences and perspectives that this diversity brings to better meet our clients’ challenges.

Finally, if you are passionate about our collective future and believe in the right to clean water, clean air, and a healthy environment that sustains life on Earth—now and for generations to come, please consider joining us, either as a staff member or client.

Together we will achieve great things,


Marsh Lavenue, Ph.D.
President & CEO