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INTERA Petroleum Consultants Inc.

Welcome to INTERA Petroleum Consultants Inc.

(formerly CR Petroleum Optimization Technologies)

In May of 2016, CR Petroleum Optimization Technologies was acquired by INTERA. The name was changed to INTERA Petroleum Consultants Inc. (INTERA Petroleum) and the company now operates as a subsidiary of INTERA. INTERA Petroleum provides production optimization services and software to the oil and gas industry through the application of proprietary software that combines data-driven analytics with reservoir engineering principles to increase profitability of oil recovery projects. The software is based on the Capacitance Resistance Modeling (CRM) algorithm developed by Dr. Larry Lake, INTERA Petroleum’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Endowed Chair in the Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin. CRM identifies inefficiencies in operations and designs robust injection and production recovery programs for conventional and unconventional applications.

As INTERA Petroleum’s CTO, Dr. Lake provides technical leadership for the company’s reservoir engineering projects. The leadership team includes Mr. Emilio Núñez (Vice President, Technical Services) and Ms. Kimberly Gordon, PE, PG (Vice President, Business Development and Principal Engineer). For additional information on INTERA Petroleum’s expertise and services, click on the link below.

INTERA Petroleum