Bryn Kimball, PhD, has joined INTERA’s Southwest Mining and Water Resources Division in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bryn is a geochemist with expertise and interests focused on solving geochemistry problems associated with mining operations. She brings to INTERA her expertise in designing and implementing geochemical field sampling programs, analytical techniques, and the design and application of geochemical models. Her project experience includes conducting field studies in Au-Cu-As deposits in Chile and Peru to determine whether native microorganisms can be used to improve metal recovery and/or optimally bioremediate mine waste for safer long-term storage, and evaluating trace metal speciation and mobility in mine waste environments, with an emphasis on the influence of secondary minerals on metal speciation. Prior to joining INTERA, Bryn was a Visiting Professor of Geology at Whitman College, completed post-doctoral research at Queens University, and conducted research on trace-metal speciation and mobility in mine waste environments as a Mendenhall Fellow at the United States Geological Survey. Her research has been published in Environmental Science and Technology, Applied Geochemistry, and Geochimica et Cosmochimca Acta.