Erick Fox, GIS Analyst at INTERA, will be speaking at the spring meeting of the New Mexico Geographic Information Council (NMGIC) in Albuquerque on April 26th. His presentation will cover the development and results of a regional water supply infrastructure model that INTERA created for a large area in Southern California. The purpose of the model was to facilitate regional water planning among eight water utilities in the area, which serve a total population of approximately 900,000 people. The hydraulic infrastructure model incorporated water supplies from local groundwater and surface water, and water transported from the Sierra Nevadas to Southern California via the State Water Project (SWP). The model includes hundreds of water supply infrastructure elements (wells, pumps, valves, treatment plants, pipelines, etc.) that can be adjusted to plan for various scenarios and conditions, such as unscheduled service disruptions, drought contingency planning, and new infrastructure planning. NMGIC is a nonprofit organization fostering dialogue among geospatial professionals in New Mexico since 1984. It is officially recognized by the state of New Mexico, the United States Geological Survey (USGS), and the United States Board on Geographic Names (BGN) as the primary point of contact for mapping priorities and geographic names in the state of New Mexico. Erick Fox has been a GIS Analyst at INTERA since 2017, and his work has focused primarily on GIS and remote sensing applications for water resources and mining. To learn more, visit: