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  • voluntary cleanup program grant and loan applications
  • environmental site assessments and phase II site investigations
  • evaluation of risk-based cleanup criteria
  • environmental liability assessments and management strategies
  • remedial action strategy development and planning
  • evaluation of remedial alternatives and cost analysis
  • regulatory interaction and closure negotiation
  • reuse and redevelopment strategy and planning
  • remedial design plans, technical specifications, and cost estimates
  • community involvement planning and outreach
  • remedial oversight, construction inspection, and long-term monitoring

INTERA guides clients through a realistic evaluation and assessment of the liability and costs associated with the redevelopment of environmentally-impaired properties (i.e., Brownfields). Our environmental experts help apply for funding, develop Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) integrated with field sampling and analysis plans, conduct assessments and investigations, and complete cleanup at Brownfield properties with the ultimate goal of redevelopment in mind. Successful Brownfield projects integrate economic viability with environmental and social responsibility. INTERA employs a risk-based strategy that defines exposure pathways and recommends the type of data needed to ensure successful implementation of the selected remedy. We focus on developing approaches based on the anticipated end-use of the property. To ensure protection of human health, our strategies rely on both local standards and regulations and United States Environmental Protection Agency guidance and take special notice of the urban environment, including the surrounding community. Communication of risk to the affected community and other stakeholders is a vital element of property redevelopment projects. An effective stakeholder communications program addresses concerns and provides timely and accurate information to community decision makers. Frequent, open communication and creating an environment for cooperation help to avoid project delays. INTERA brings the expertise and experience to develop public relations and communications programs that build support for the implementation and success of redevelopment projects.

For more details on the services we provide to help redevelop Brownfield properties, also visit our Environmental pages.

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Joseph Tracy, PG
Principal Geologist,
Vice President – Southwestern Environmental Division