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Coastal Resources Management

  • hydrodynamic and wave modeling
  • water quality modeling
  • shoreline restoration design
  • environmental permitting
  • FEMA regulatory compliance

In the face of encroaching development along with sea level rise and the destructive forces of waves and other coastal processes, preserving and enhancing coastal ecosystem habitat represents a growing challenge—one that is critical to the survival of native plant and animal communities. Preserving habitat frequently results in other benefits such as improvements to water quality and reduction in storm damage potential. INTERA staff have assessed, designed, permitted, and performed cost-benefit analyses for standalone coastal restoration projects or as mitigation for other projects that cause unavoidable impacts. INTERA has modeled thousands of miles of open and interior shorelines to gain an understanding of predominant forces at the interface of land and water. In turn, this understanding proves critical to the potential success of restoration projects. We work with project stakeholders to design projects that minimize impacts to sensitive natural resources and mitigate unavoidable effects. In addition, we also assess the environmental consequences of anthropogenic effects on the natural environment.

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Mark Gosselin, PhD, PE
Principal Coastal Engineer,
Vice President of Coastal Engineering

Philip Dompe, PE
Senior Coastal Engineer