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Flood Risk Management

  • river and estuarine modeling
  • coastal process modeling
  • hydrologic modeling
  • storm surge analysis
  • floodplain and inundation mapping
  • flood risk and hazard mapping
  • flood mitigation design and validation

Coastal communities are exposed to considerable risk to flood hazards associated with hurricanes, tropical storms, and other weather events. These hazards include wind, waves, surge elevations, currents, and erosion. INTERA’s coastal engineers assess these hazards to help communities and agencies understand the risks, quantify the uncertainties associated with predicting these risks, and develop solutions to mitigate damage. We bring the expertise to help reduce damage and protect assets from harm employing structural and non-structural (awareness, forecasting, and warning) solutions. Our experience ranges from improving the accuracy of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance Rate Maps to identifying vulnerable coastal infrastructure and conducting forensic studies to identify causes of coastal infrastructure damage. Through active research programs, we have developed improved methodologies to better design infrastructure to withstand erosion and wave forces. INTERA’s staff also brings experience in conducting county-wide FEMA studies addressing riverine, levee, and coastal flood hazards. Some of our staff’s recent FEMA experience includes probabilistic levee breach flood hazard mapping; evaluating surge/wave dynamics along the South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida coasts; and wave modeling in support of coupled surge/wave studies in Louisiana and Texas.

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Mark Gosselin, PhD, PE
Principal Coastal Engineer,
Vice President of Coastal Engineering

Philip Dompe, PE
Senior Coastal Engineer