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Inlets and Waterways

  • hydrodynamic and wave modeling
  • sediment transport and geomorphological modeling
  • navigation channel and structure design
  • shoaling/sedimentation reduction in channels and harbors
  • dredge permitting and material management
  • navigation and dredging impact studies
  • sediment budget and bypassing strategy

INTERA’s expertise includes developing inlet management plans and conducting a wide range of analyses in support of these plans. Our coastal engineers have designed and applied a suite of analytical procedures and tools to identify, categorize, and evaluate shoaling in federally authorized navigation channels; performed feasibility studies to evaluate various alternatives for improving inlet hydraulics, navigation safety, channel shoaling, and shoreline erosion; conducted recreation waterways capacity studies to determine safe navigational capacity and to mitigate growing recreational impacts; studied the environmental impacts of harbor deepening; and modeled storm waves and currents to assess channel shoaling patterns. In support of dredging and dredged material management projects, we design beach placement areas and permit mixing zones at both dredge sites (intermodal/sand traps) and beach placement sites.

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Mark Gosselin, PhD, PE
Principal Coastal Engineer,
Vice President of Coastal Engineering

Philip Dompe, PE
Senior Coastal Engineer