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Soil and Groundwater Investigation at Decker Power Plant’s Fuel Oil Storage Tank 13

Client: Austin Energy
Location: Austin, Texas

Challenge. Determine if suspected leaks from a 2,000,000-gallon-capacity above ground storage tank resulted in petroleum hydrocarbon impacts to soil and groundwater.

Project-Decker-Tank-13Solution. INTERA conducted a Geoprobe soil investigation, installed four monitoring wells, sampled groundwater, and performed an aquifer pumping test to determine the yield of the groundwater resource in accordance with the Texas Risk Reduction Program. We also sampled soil along underground piping that connected the tank to the site fuel distribution system. Results of the site investigation indicated impacts to soils from low concentrations of several metals (arsenic, barium, lead, and selenium) and total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH). The investigation activities and results were documented in an Affected Property Assessment Report that was submitted and approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Results of INTERA’s investigation enabled Austin Energy to proceed with dismantlement of the entire tank farm.

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