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Permitting and Compliance

  • regulatory requirements identification
  • permitting strategy development
  • agency consultation
  • permit application preparation and negotiation
  • public hearings
  • environmental compliance and liability assessments

Most industrial facilities are subject to a variety of state and federal environmental regulations related to air emissions, water use, wastewater discharge, hazardous waste handling, and various other potential operational impacts on the environment. INTERA’s permitting and compliance services are designed to help clients understand and adapt to dynamic regulatory change, facilitate permitting and licensing of new or expanded installations and operations, enhance regulatory compliance and reporting, and avoid costly permitting delays. As environmental consultants, client advocacy is one of our core responsibilities. INTERA’s operational structure and geographical office locations promote local regulatory expertise and strong relationships with regulators at the state and local levels. These partnerships are established by and fostered through regular interaction and communication with key city, county, and state agency personnel. On behalf of our clients, we leverage our relationships and reputation for providing high quality technical work with environmental regulators to obtain favorable permit conditions and ease operating restrictions on facilities.

INTERA specializes in regulatory issues regarding environmental impacts to soil and groundwater, including media impacted by polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), requirements for remedial responses and reclamation activities, discharge and underground injection control permitting, and the siting and permitting of hazardous and radioactive waste disposal facilities. We combine high-quality interpretation and analysis of environmental data with an in-depth understanding of relevant regulations to assist clients in achieving compliance through a streamlined process. Our goal is to bring sound science and engineering to the regulatory review, permitting, or compliance process to ensure that our client's position is properly supported while fully addressing the concerns and requirements of the applicable regulatory agency.

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Joe Galemore, PG
Principal Geologist,
Vice President, Environmental

Joseph Tracy, PG
Principal Geologist,
Vice President – Southwestern Environmental Division