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Remediation and Reclamation

  • feasibility studies
  • remedial cost estimation
  • remedial system design and installation
  • permitting for construction and operation
  • construction management
  • system operation, maintenance, and monitoring
  • risk-based closure
  • regulatory negotiation/interface

For sites where risk considerations require remedial action, INTERA brings experience in the design and implementation of a variety of remediation technologies. Successful remediation demands that all aspects of the site—the operational history, geology, chemistry, future land and water use, and risk—be understood and integrated into an effective plan. INTERA integrates a wide range of science and engineering disciplines and strong safety, planning, design, and construction management skills to deliver effective remediation solutions. Since every contamination problem is unique, INTERA’s knowledge and experience with a wide range of remedial approaches and technologies, and the fact that we have no specific remedial technology licenses or patents, allow us to select the best technology based on cost, speed, client operational concerns, and the regulatory climate. Our remedial design team carefully assesses site-specific conditions and develops remediation systems that operate efficiently, bringing projects to closure as soon as possible.

INTERA has designed and implemented a diverse range of remediation/reclamation technologies that include containment and capping, soil excavation, in-situ stabilization, groundwater extraction and treatment, air sparging, soil vapor extraction, permeable reactive barriers, surfactant flooding, and bioremediation. Depending on the site conditions, we use a variety of innovative strategies to protect human health and the environment while reducing or avoiding unnecessary remediation costs. These strategies may include the use of bioavailability assessment, focused remediation, or monitored natural attenuation approaches. INTERA has designed and implemented remediation/reclamation approaches for mine sites, including ore processing plants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants, landfills, Brownfield sites, retail petroleum distribution facilities, military installations, and a variety of other industrial use sites.

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Joe Galemore, PG
Principal Geologist,
Environmental Services Business Lead

Joseph Tracy, PG
Principal Geologist,
Vice President – Southwestern Environmental Division