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INTERA serves government agencies worldwide that are responsible for a wide range of public services, including national defense, water resource and environmental management, waste disposal, transportation, recreation, and emergency services. We have worked for decades with several federal agencies and departments, providing technical expertise in support of national programs for the geological disposal of radioactive wastes. For tribal governments, we provide specialized support in areas such as water and geothermal resources evaluations, water planning, and human health and ecological risk assessments. We have established strong relationships with numerous state departments of water resources, environmental protection, energy, conservation, and transportation. Working with regional agencies and organizations that include groundwater conservation districts and water utility and river authorities, we help develop water supply alternatives, characterize and quantify groundwater resources, and develop models and other decision support tools to better manage water supply portfolios. We also work locally with counties and municipalities, providing services emanating from our core technical disciplines of environmental investigation and remediation, water resources planning and management, and coastal engineering. In serving government clients, INTERA is mindful of the budget constraints that often affect the delivery of government projects and programs, and we are committed to helping achieve public policy objectives efficiently and cost effectively.

INTERA provides our complete spectrum of services to government agencies. For details on specific services of interest, visit our Environmental, Water Resources, Coastal Engineering, Radioactive Waste, and GIS and Data Management pages.

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Van Kelley, PG
Principal Hydrogeologist,
Sr. Vice President –
Water Resources
Joe Galemore, PG
Principal Geologist,
Vice President –
Mark Gosselin, PhD, PE
Principal Engineer,
Vice President of Coastal Engineering
Michael Apted, PhD
Principal Scientist,
Business Lead –
Radioactive Waste