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Planning and Development

  • permitting and regulatory strategies
  • characterization of aquifer quantity and quality
  • production well siting, design, and installation
  • design and implementation of hydrologic testing programs
  • hydrologic impact assessments
  • simulation of groundwater flow and transport
  • design and implementation of baseline investigations of surface/groundwater and soils
  • geotechnical characterization and engineering
  • technical due diligence audits
  • PEA, PFS and FS level geochemical characterizations of mine waste
  • evaluation and development of mine water supplies

Bringing a mineral project from development into production is a process that requires many decisions to be made by the owner. As part of that process, decisions that affect schedule, cost and the project’s ultimate success hinge on reducing water-related uncertainties. Central to avoiding costly delays, regulatory pressure, and stakeholder opposition is a sound strategy for developing and managing water resources. As part of making sound decisions, INTERA offers resource companies expertise in identifying the appropriate water supply, designing the right de-watering controls for underground construction, and developing and implementing the best tools to evaluate potential impacts of a mineral project on groundwater and surface water resources. Whether it is designing and implementing a testing program capable of evaluating a wide range of hydraulic properties, models that must accurately estimate an impact to water quantity or quality, or strategies that garner stakeholder and regulatory agency support, INTERA delivers solutions that advance projects from planning to construction.

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Contacts -
Cynthia Ardito, PH, CGWP
Principal Hydrogeologist
Sr. Vice President – Mining
Peter Castiglia
Senior Hydrogeologist
Vice President – Southwest Region