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Reclamation and Closure

  • impact assessment and mitigation
  • modeling for closure alternative evaluations and design
  • alternative concentration limits
  • alternate abatement standards
  • reclamation and closure planning, design, and cost estimation
  • cover and capping system design and installation
  • pit lake studies
  • construction oversight
  • post-closure monitoring, planning, and redevelopment
  • surface water/groundwater modeling

As projects close, INTERA works closely with operators to balance the use of natural resources with ecologically sound practices. We help manage generated waste streams and reclaim lands that are impacted as a result of mining operations. Through careful evaluation of closure alternatives and selection of the most appropriate option, INTERA brings the expertise needed to implement technically-sound reclamation strategies and plans. Our experience in applying predictive geochemical and groundwater models to demonstrate regulatory compliance, and providing engineering design and oversight for reclamation of mill tailings and impoundments, mine shafts, and other surface infrastructure, provides us with detailed knowledge of mine and mill closure requirements. Since even the best operational and waste management practices cannot always prevent unintended impacts to the environment, INTERA brings specialized expertise in areas that include investigating aquifers impacted with process water. Our expert hydrogeologists and geochemists are adept at differentiating between naturally occurring compounds and “contamination”, identifying potential sources of contamination, and determining the past and current effects and predicting future effects on groundwater resources. As part of closing mines and milling facility sites, INTERA has successfully negotiated and obtained approvals for Alternate Concentration Limits (ACLs) from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC), Alternative Abatement Standards (AASs) from state agencies, and designed and implemented award-winning reclamation approaches.

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Cynthia Ardito, PH, CGWP
Principal Hydrogeologist
Sr. Vice President – Mining
Peter Castiglia
Senior Hydrogeologist
Vice President – Southwest Region