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Water System Upgrades at the Questa Molybdenum Mine

Client: Chevron Mining Inc.
Location: Taos County, New Mexico, USA

Challenge. Design and oversight for installation of new water supply line over challenging terrain and site conditions

Project-Questa-MineSolution. In support of mine operations, INTERA designed a new water transmission main and a new wastewater treatment plant for the Questa mine. The 12-inch diameter water transmission main, which runs 9,500 feet from a groundwater supply well on land leased from the United States Forest Service (USFS) to the mine, required a design to account for significant elevation changes (vertical rise of over 280 feet) and installation along a narrow winding mountain road under several existing stormwater drainage culverts. Detailed planning and geotechnical evaluations were performed to ensure that the watershed is protected and that the water transmission main can be installed without harming the existing road or causing negative impacts to the Red River. Given the location of the supply well and the fact that the pipeline runs within five feet of the eastbound lane of Highway 38, permits were required from both the USFS and the New Mexico Department of Transportation. We also corresponded with the United States Army Corps of Engineers to ensure compliance within the flood plain of the Red River. The new wastewater treatment plant was designed to serve the Questa milling facility and replace the outdated septic system. INTERA obtained the appropriate permits, developed the design of the system and septic drain field, prepared construction documents (plans and specifications), provided bidding assistance and construction services (administration and oversight), and prepared an operation manual. Two monitoring wells were also installed down gradient of the septic drain field to ensure protection of water quality in the Red River.

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