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INTERA Petroleum Consultants

  • static and dynamic modeling
    • capacitance resistance modeling for production optimization of both conventional and unconventional resources
    • advanced reservoir simulation (CMG suite, Eclipse, TOUGH, UTCHEM)
    • geologic models and mapping (Petra, IHS, DrillingInfo, ArcGIS)
    • custom simulation tools
  • field development studies
    • EOR expertise (waterfloods, gravity drainage, surfactants, CO2 and miscible floods)
    • field screening and surveillance based on publicly available data
    • well field design based on geologic completions
  • reservoir characterization
    • rate transient analyses for reservoir properties, forecasting, and economics
    • multi-variate and geostatistical analyses
    • petrophysical analyses
  • regulatory compliance and environmental studies
    • permit development and review
    • assistance with obtaining regulatory data and documents
    • technical support for regulatory hearings
    • oil spill characterization/evaluation
    • modeling of coastal processes
The decisions of oil and gas production companies are always critical—with little margin for speculative risk. Exploration prospects, field development, rehabilitation, and enhanced recovery all involve substantial investment and require a detailed understanding of both the static geologic conditions and the dynamic reservoir conditions. INTERA Petroleum’s diversity of disciplines helps oil and gas clients meet and exceed production goals while maintaining resource sustainability. We provide a full range of reservoir engineering and petroleum geology consulting services from single well evaluations to full-scale reservoir simulation and production forecasting for development planning and economic evaluations. As part of comprehensive oil and gas field studies, we help with injection optimization for both conventional and unconventional plays, well treatment prioritization, field evaluations and surveillance, field redevelopment and in-fill drilling, regulatory compliance, and environmental studies.

INTERA Petroleum also offers direct software licensing, training, and workflow development for our capacitance resistance modeling (CRM) suite of tools. CRM uses well-specific injection and production rates along with well location data to infer a static reservoir model. Although pressure data are not required, they improve the ability to match historical trends. Using the history matched CRM model, optimized injection rates are developed to improve oil production forecasts. In combination with economic models, project net present value is also optimized using our CRM tools and software.

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Kimberly Gordon, PE, PG
Vice President, Business Development
Larry Lake, PHD
Chief Technology Officer
Emilio Núñez
Vice President, Technical Services