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Energy Consultant Services

  • permitting
  • groundwater and surface water availability and sustainability
  • impact assessment of water withdrawals
  • source and receiving water quality characterization
  • hydrographic surveying
  • well field siting, design, and optimization
  • site investigation and remediation

Production of electrical power is one of the largest uses of water in the United States and worldwide. Because of the potential for impacts to other water users and the environment from this water use, power producers face public and regulatory scrutiny when operating and expanding existing plants and siting and building new plants. INTERA understands the regulatory imperatives that dictate site approval, especially when the nature of the concern is the uncertainty about the environmental impacts of water withdrawal or the sustainability of supply. Our hydrologists bring expertise in designing new power-generating and industrial water supply systems, as well as evaluating the impacts of these new systems. Through our work on projects in the top three power consuming states in the United States—Texas, Florida, and California—INTERA personnel have worked to secure water supplies for nuclear, coal, gas, and solar power projects, and are experienced in developing high capacity wells and surface water intakes. Our staff have directed site investigations, developed and applied models to simulate proposed withdrawals, and testified in front of a variety of state agencies responsible for oversight and regulation of new power plant construction at sites across the country. INTERA also brings experience in addressing environmental compliance issues at operating and former power plants, substations, and related sites. We have performed environmental due diligence audits, investigations and corrective actions to mitigate environmental impacts, and developed integrated contingency plans. INTERA brings specialized expertise in meeting some of the most challenging legacy waste issues at power utility sites such as the investigation and remediation of soils and groundwater impacted by polychlorinated biphenyls in accordance with the Toxic Substances Control Act.

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