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Near- and Far-field Flow, Transport, & Coupled Process Modeling

  • groundwater flow and radionuclide transport in porous and fractured rocks
  • unsaturated zone flow and transport
  • reactive geochemical transport of water-rock-radionuclide systems
  • geochemical evolution from interactions between groundwater and engineered barrier materials
  • generation and migration of gas from wastes and engineered materials
  • multi-phase flow of groundwater and gas
  • thermal evolution including coupling to hydrological, mechanical, and chemical processes
  • thermo-hydro-mechanical properties of engineered barriers
  • transfer processes at the geosphere-biosphere interface

Evaluating the performance of a radioactive or hazardous waste disposal facility requires identifying the key physical processes (e.g., two-phase flow in the repository horizon) that contribute to the long-term safety of the facility. Numerical models provide a means of not only quantifying individual processes, but the interaction of multiple processes. The development and application of numerical models and other quantitative decision support tools has been one of INTERA’s core competencies since our company was founded in 1974. Through experience gained on radioactive waste disposal programs around the world, we are experts in synthesizing relevant site characterization data and developing and applying conceptual and numerical models for the key processes affecting the performance of surface, near-surface, and deep geological disposal facilities. We develop models to predict the impact of radionuclide releases associated with the waste package (i.e., waste form, canister, packing or absorbing materials) and repository (near-surface or underground structure, engineered barrier, other openings/shafts/tunnels for operational access), and the transport of releases through the geosphere to the biosphere. All of these models serve as key inputs for assessing the overall system performance and safety.

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Michael Apted, PhD
Principal Scientist,
Radioactive Waste Disposal Business Lead

Benoit Paris, PhD
Principal Hydrogeologist,
General Director - INTERA France

Alex Papafotiou, PhD
Senior Engineer,
Vice President, International Nuclear Waste Programs