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Solid Waste

  • landfill investigations (nature and extent)
  • groundwater and landfill gas evaluation, controls, and monitoring
  • waste excavation plans and landfill remediation
  • management plans for former landfills
  • operations and maintenance of landfill gas and groundwater remediation systems
  • surface emission monitoring
  • landfill gas to energy

INTERA provides a wide-range of environmental consulting and operations and maintenance (O&M) services at both operating and non-permitted (former) solid waste landfills. Our experience includes evaluating former landfill extents and cap thicknesses using excavation, drilling, and geophysical methods; conducting drilling operations to determine waste types and depths, and installing landfill gas (LFG) monitoring wells around the perimeter of former landfills to determine migration patterns and guide development projects on and/or near these landfills. We also develop Waste Excavation Plans for former landfill sites and oversee operations to excavate, transport, and dispose of wastes in permitted landfill facilities. To address contamination issues associated with former unlined landfills, we have designed, installed, operated, and maintained groundwater extraction and treatment systems, LFG extraction and flare systems, and soil vapor extraction systems to remediate deep groundwater plumes. We have evaluated the composition of LFG to determine its viability to serve as a source for landfill gas to energy projects and designed landfill caps to allow installation of large solar energy fields. To meet the requirements of operating, permitted landfills, INTERA provides both routine and non-routine services that include LFG monitoring and sampling, well-field balancing, relocation of LFG collection system headers, extension of LFG extraction well casing and replacement of wellhead assemblies, repairs to pneumatic recovery and condensate sumps and pumps, and excavation and realignment of LFG lateral piping.

For more details on the services we provide to help address issues at historic and operating solid waste facilities, also visit our Environmental pages.

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Joseph Tracy, PG
Principal Geologist,
Vice President – Southwestern Environmental Division