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Water Resources

Water is a valuable resource, and around the world, communities are working to sustainably manage water resources to meet a variety of competing municipal, industrial, agricultural, and environmental needs. With population growth and climate risk, the development and management of water resources is becoming increasingly complex. INTERA brings the expertise needed to help meet these complexities and challenges. Since the late 1990s, we have focused our quantitative geoscience and engineering skills on water resource planning, development, and management. While the development and application of groundwater models and other quantitative decision support tools is perhaps what INTERA is best known for—we have been applying these tools for over 40 years—our services encompass much more. INTERA’s water resource services have expanded to include water planning, surface water modeling, water rights analysis, remote sensing, hydrographic surveying, alternative water supply planning, and wellfield design and optimization.

Our experience in planning, developing, and managing water resources incorporates modeling, mapping, engineering, and scientific investigation. Working with state and regional water management and groundwater conservation agencies, municipal water suppliers, and industries such as mining and oil and gas, INTERA has solved water resource challenges related to water supply quantity and quality, water rights and transfers, water management plans, and instream flow requirements. Our emphasis is on providing predictions of the future hydrologic-system conditions needed to make sound decisions regarding water resource management. As with all of INTERA's service areas, many of our water resource solutions result from developing and applying state-of-the-art data acquisition and modeling technology. We apply these tools to evaluate a wide range of water resource issues including regional groundwater availability, reliability of water supplies, well field design and optimization, aquifer storage and recovery, salt water intrusion, safe yield analysis, flood control, capture zone delineation, and conjunctive surface water-groundwater use. Through all of these services, INTERA brings a focus on accurately determining the availability of water resources and finding ways to sustainably use and effectively manage these resources.

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Van Kelley, PG
Principal Hydrogeologist,
Sr. Vice President –
Water Resources

Jack Wittman, PhD, PH
Principal Hydrogeologist,
Vice President –
Eastern US

David Jordan, PE
Principal Engineer,
Vice President –
California & Water
505.246.1600 ext. 1240