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Planning and Policy

  • demand/supply forecasting
  • decision support and reliability analysis
  • climate change impacts
  • environmental flows (minimum flows and levels)
  • integrated water supply planning and strategy development

Effective water management involves numerous interrelated aspects of planning including supply/demand analysis and forecasting, reliability analysis (including impacts of climate change), development of water supply strategies, environmental issues, water rights, infrastructure, and economic analysis. It represents a combination of technical issues that are inherently quantitative, balanced with other issues that are qualitative in nature, such as public perception, stakeholder support, or environmental suitability. INTERA brings the expertise to help in every aspect of water resource planning and management, and our services focus on providing sound, quantitative planning tools that enable informed water planning and management decisions. INTERA determines the reliability of existing supplies in average and drought years and analyzes the sufficiency of supply to meet growth projections. We identify needs and help with modifications to system operations and the acquisition of supplies to meet unmet demands by municipal, industrial, and agricultural water users in the context of existing water demand, infrastructure, and financing mechanisms. INTERA has applied our expertise on projects that range from quantifying uncertainty in statewide water supply planning efforts and supporting the development of regional water plans, to evaluating the impacts that water resources have on the ability to sustain economic development. One of our areas of specialized expertise is in performing modeling and analyses to establish the minimum flows and levels of high priority water bodies that are required to prevent significant harm to the water resources or ecology of an area resulting from permitted water withdrawals.

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Van Kelley, PG
Principal Hydrogeologist,
Sr. Vice President –
Water Resources

Jack Wittman, PhD, PH
Principal Hydrogeologist,
Vice President –
Eastern US

David Jordan, PE
Principal Engineer,
Vice President –
California & Water