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Regulatory Support and Permitting

  • water rights and reliability
  • surface and groundwater permitting
  • management and rule development support
  • litigation support

As an increasingly scarce and valuable resource, the development, use, and management of water is governed by a complex system of regulations and water rights. INTERA provides comprehensive regulatory support and permitting services to address these complexities. Working with the mining, oil and gas, power, and manufacturing industries, state and regional water management agencies, and municipalities, we have helped obtain permits for well construction and water use, land application and injection well disposal, and groundwater discharge. Our experience also includes evaluating and preparing applications for water rights and reviewing water use permit applications and variances. We specialize in the analysis of complex water right issues and conflict resolution, and focus on developing strategies that address both the immediate and long-term goals of a project. Our principal and senior technical scientists and engineers also provide litigation support, including expert testimony, on issues such as water rights, water availability, and impacts to other users and the environment, in a variety of administrative and legal settings.

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Van Kelley, PG
Principal Hydrogeologist,
Sr. Vice President –
Water Resources

Jack Wittman, PhD, PG
Principal Hydrogeologist,
Vice President –
Eastern US

David Jordan, PE
Principal Engineer,
Vice President –
California & Water