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Water Supply

  • groundwater, surface water, and integrated modeling
  • aquifer characterization and testing
  • availability, sustainability, and reliability analyses
  • well field siting, design, and optimization
  • impact assessments

Finding new and affordable sources of potable water and improving the management of existing supplies are some of the most fundamental challenges facing the water industry. INTERA’s hydrogeologists, geologists, and water resource engineers bring expertise and experience in characterizing groundwater and surface water systems and assessing their water supply potential. The effective use and management of groundwater frequently requires quantitative assessments of availability and sustainability, and the mechanisms of recharge and discharge, including the interaction of surface water and groundwater. Similarly, managing surface water resources requires a detailed understanding of basin hydrology and hydrodynamics. INTERA is a leader in the development and application of groundwater availability, rainfall-runoff, hydraulic, and other numerical models and tools to simulate the various components of the hydrological cycle and how these components interact. Our modeling analyses and other related services allow informed decisions on developing new water supplies and better managing existing supplies.

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Van Kelley, PG
Principal Hydrogeologist,
Sr. Vice President –
Water Resources

Jack Wittman, PhD, PH
Principal Hydrogeologist,
Vice President –
Midwestern Division

David Jordan, PE
Principal Engineer,
Vice President –
California Operations