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Kris Spencer

BA Business Administration, Accounts Payable/Receivable


INTERA Incorporated
1812 Centre Creek Drive,
Suite 300
Austin, TX 78754 USA


Kris at the US Open Tennis Championships in New York.


Kris and husband, Russ (at least most of him), on vacation in Florida.

Kris grew up in Kettering, Ohio, second of four girls. Her father was a Methodist minister and mother a substitute elementary teacher.

After attending The Ohio State University and graduating with a degree in business administration, Kris knew that she wanted to leave the cold weather of Ohio and move somewhere warm. With no job, $900 in her pocket, and never having been to Georgia, she and a friend ended up in Atlanta (a suggestion from her older sister) where she hoped her job prospects would be high.

Kris found a job as an account manager for a factoring company and after a couple of years was offered a job at a startup receivable finance company. Here, she continued to manage accounts and interact daily with clients. “I really enjoyed working with numbers and the daily interaction with clients.”
After meeting her husband and moving to Austin, Texas in 1993, Kris left the workforce to stay at home and raise her three children. In 2006, when her youngest started kindergarten, Kris began working part-time for INTERA processing accounts payables in the accounting department.

As INTERA continued to grow, part-time became full-time and Kris’s responsibilities now include managing accounts receivables and the supervision of accounts payables. “INTERA has been a great place to work; the company offered me a flexible schedule that allowed me to get back in the workforce and still have time with my children. I enjoy interacting regularly with all our project managers and the attention to detail that the job requires. I still find satisfaction when everything balances.”

In her free time, Kris has a passion for tennis and plays year round on several leagues in Austin. She and her husband are avid fans of the University of Texas women’s volleyball team and enjoy attending the games each season.

Dream Dinner Guest – Jerry Seinfeld
Hero – Roger Federer
Biggest Influence – mom
Special Talent – I can hit an angle or two on the tennis court
Secret Accomplishment(s) – no Skinny Cow salted caramel ice cream bars for several months
Favorite Movie – Seems Like Old Times
Favorite Book – any good mystery
Favorite Song – Stairway to Heaven
Musician/Band you’d most like to see live – The Rolling Stones
Favorite Vacation – Australia
If I had one wish, it would be – to travel the world
Place of birth – Nashville, TN
Children – 3