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Travis Hammond

MS Geology, Hydrogeologist/Environmental Scientist


INTERA Incorporated
1933 Jadwin Avenue,
Suite 130
Richland, WA 99354 USA


Travis with fresh catch from a fly fishing excursion along the Columbia River.


Travis with wife, Cari, and son, Jackson, on vacation in Hawaii.


Travis climbing Kangaroo Temple in Washington’s North Cascades.

Travis grew up amongst the peanut fields of rural southeast Alabama near the city of Dothan. “From a toddler to my twenties I was always outside enjoying the creeks, rivers swamps, and woods out my back door. I lived for hunting and fishing and through all this time outside, I gained a keen interest and appreciation for all things natural.

At the University of South Alabama, Travis studied clinical laboratory science (CLS) with a focus in microbiology. “In college I became especially interested in pathologies associated with microbial infections. My time in the microbiology CLS clinical practicum solidified my decision to pursue a career in medical laboratory work”. After working for three years in a hospital lab in his hometown, Travis needed a change in scenery and decided to move to Wenatchee, Washington to be closer to the mountains.

After another 10 years in a clinical lab in Wenatchee, Travis decided a new career path was in order. “Being in the mountains and surrounded by fantastic geologic features and processes made me think I might be happier with a career in geological sciences.” So Travis then went to Central Washington University to attend graduate school in geology. “My graduate work shifted from hard rock geology more to soil hydrology which I found equally, if not more, interesting.”

After graduate school, Travis took a job with a regional northwestern U.S. water resource consulting firm. “My favorite project during this time involved developing a hydro-chemical facies and mixing model for a regional stratified, confined basalt aquifer system. The modeling allowed us to identify groundwater mixing end members and gauge the sustainability of basalt aquifer resources in various areas of a 4-county region in central and eastern Washington.”

In late 2013, Travis joined INTERA’s Richland, Washington office to support the environmental restoration activities at the US Department of Energy’s Hanford Site. “Working for INTERA has allowed me to expand my skillset and environmental consulting knowledge exponentially. It’s wonderful having access to a team of helpful and technically savvy colleagues. Did I mention that they’re also very nice people and a great group to work with?”

Outside of work, Travis remains an avid outdoorsman and enjoys snow skiing, climbing, hiking and fly fishing. Above all, he loves any activity that allows him to spend time with his family and friends.

Dream Dinner Guest – Reinhold Messner
Hero – Galileo Galilei
Biggest Influence – growing up in the country
Favorite Movie – can’t choose just one
Favorite Book – Cascade Alpine Guide Volume 2
Favorite Museum – The Hermitage
Favorite Song – can’t choose just one
Musician/Band you’d most like to see live - Rancid
Favorite Vacation – Kauai
If I had one wish, it would be – more wishes!
Place of birth – Dothan, AL
Children – 1