Ontario Power Generation is working to design, construct, license, and operate a deep geologic repository (DGR) for the long-term storage of low and intermediate level radioactive waste on lands adjacent to the Western Waste Management Facility in Kincardine, Ontario. The DGR will be located 2,150 feet below the surface, beneath very thick layers of limestone and shale rock that have remained geologically stable for more than 450 million years. In 2005, INTERA developed a detailed site characterization plan to define test and data collection programs to support the development of the proposed DGR. Since 2006, we have served as the lead site characterization contractor responsible for implementing the site characterization plan. INTERA, in conjunction with SNL, has designed and built the hydrogeologic test tool that will be used for testing the shale and limestone formations. Drilling and borehole hydraulic testing started in early 2007, and the testing and geosynthesis phases will continue over a 5-year period.