INTERA Incorporated, in association with Saunier & Associates and Solexperts, was recently awarded a contract with the French national radioactive waste management agency (ANDRA) to conduct hydrogeologic testing in deep boreholes near the Underground Research Laboratory (URL) at Bure in Meuse/Haute-Marne, France. As the agency responsible for the long-term storage of radioactive waste in a deep geologic repository in France, ANDRA oversees the studies, analyses, and research efforts needed to select a suitable site for the repository. In support of the site selection process, INTERA and our other team members will conduct a detailed borehole reconnaissance program near the URL. Five deep boreholes, ranging from 1,600 to 6,500 feet below ground surface, will be drilled and the INTERA team will perform detailed hydrologic testing in the low permeability formations to determine the hydraulic parameters of different formations and sample formation fluids. INTERA's primary responsibilities include test design, conducting the field tests, and analyzing and interpreting the tests.