Mining companies use groundwater models to provide information about feasibility, costs, and potential impacts. Seeking not just a model prediction but the uncertainty around the predictions, many mining companies have turned to INTERA. By incorporating uncertainty into our modeling efforts, we provide probability information about predictions to support risk-based decision making. This also forms the basis for estimating the worth of uncollected data to reduce uncertainty, test hypotheses about features likes faults and mine workings, and optimize remediation and dewatering.

INTERA’s Drs. Eduardo de Sousa and John Sigda are working closely with mining companies like BHP and Rio Tinto to apply cost effective uncertainty analysis techniques that enable them to make better informed decisions when compared to standard modeling approaches. Through collaboration with INTERA’s Dr. Jeremy White, who both develops and applies open-source software tools for uncertainty analysis such as PyEMU and PEST++, our modelers have ready access to modern, flexible, and scalable solutions to undertake advanced uncertainty analyses.

INTERA’s team of senior and mid-level modelers is experienced in developing and applying groundwater uncertainty solutions in accordance with the approaches recommended by the Groundwater Modelling Decision Support Initiative (GMDSI). Drs. de Sousa and White have recently stepped into leadership roles with GMDSI (visit, and work to provide training in uncertainty analysis techniques, most notably at the upcoming Australasian Groundwater Conference and next year’s PEST conference. Read more about Uncertainty Analysis or contact us here.