INTERA has joined Well Aware’s 2021 Shower Strike! From April 22nd to April 28th, some of our staff will be skipping their daily showers to help Well Aware raise awareness about global water issues that keep communities from having lasting access to clean water. As part of the #ShowerStrike, INTERA is fundraising to help fund clean water projects in East Africa. Our striking INTERAns have committed to not taking a shower until we’ve reached $15,000 in donations! INTERA’s $15,000 would provide clean water for nearly 1,000 individuals in need and Well Aware is trying to reach an overall fundraising goal of $350,000. This money would collectively serve nearly 23,300 people around the world. We are proud to support them in this endeavor because we believe that every human being should have access to clean water.   Consider supporting Well Aware today in their 2021 Shower Strike