Six INTERA staff members, Drs. Neil Deeds, Bill Linderfelt, Banda Ramarao, and Abhishek Singh and Messrs. David Jordan and Daniel Lupton, presented papers on a wide range of topics at the Environmental & Water Resources Institute’s 2012 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress held in Albuquerque, New Mexico from May 20 -24. The conference focused on the challenges that environmental and water resources professionals regularly face associated with 'crossing boundaries' in the quest for sustainable solutions to quality of life issues—environmental and water resources issues that extend across political, geographic, social, and technical discipline boundaries. INTERA personnel presented on the following topics:
  • An Efficient Parameter Estimation Approach for Implementing Regional Model Calibration with Hydrogeological Constraints
  • Infiltration Modeling for the Evaluation of a Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility in West Texas
  • An Integrated Systems-level Performance Assessment Model of a Low-level Radioactive Waste Disposal Site
  • Assessment of Brackish Water Resources for a Coastal Texas County
  • Use of a Flow and Transport Model to Evaluate Current and Future Performance of the Alamitos Gap Seawater Intrusion Barrier, Los Angeles, California
  • Evaluation of Potential Impacts from Development of Deep Brackish Groundwater in Southeastern New Mexico
  • Brackish Water for Mining in Southeastern New Mexico
  • An Adjoint Algorithm for Computing Three-Dimensional Capture Functions for Management of Heterogeneous Regional Aquifer Systems