INTERA’s Dr. Cheng Cheng, Senior Hydrogeologist, Dr. John Sigda, Principal Hydrogeologist, Lakin Beal, PG, Hydrogeologist, Ross Kushnereit, Hydrogeologist, John McDonald, Senior Hydrogeologist, and Dr. Katie Markovich, Hydrogeologist, will be presenting at MODFLOW and More 2022: Hydraulic Modeling in a Changing World, held on June 5 – 8, 2022 at Princeton University. Dr. Cheng, Dr. Sigda, and Ms. Beal will co-present a presentation entitled, “Probabilistic Analysis of Groundwater Retention Under Uncertain Future Conditions at a Legacy Mine Site”, on Monday, June 5. Mr. Kushnereit’s presentation will also be held on June 5 and will focus on calibrating an ensemble of 1,000 realizations for estimating the uncertainty of aquifer properties in the vicinity of a long-lived radioactive waste repository using a script driven approach. Dr. Markovich’s will present a poster entitled, “Rapid, Reproducible, and Wrong? Exploring Sequential Data Assimilation as a Coping Mechanism for Model Structural Error in Groundwater Decision Support Modeling”, during the Poster Session on Tuesday, June 7. During this session Mr. McDonald will also co-present a poster entitled “Comparison of Groundwater Simulation Results with Monitoring Data for a Pump-and-Treat System at Waste Management Area S-SX, Hanford Site”. 

In Conjunction with MODFLOW and More 2022, INTERA’s Dr. Erik Anderson, PE, Principal Engineer, will be speaking at the 10th International Conference on the Analytic Element Method, June 4 - 5, 2022.

Additionally, INTERA’s Dr. Jeremy White, Principal Hydrogeologist, serves on the Integrated Groundwater Modeling Center (IGWMC) Scientific Advisory Committee. INTERA is also a proud sponsor of this year’s event!

Please reach out to these INTERAns during the conference, and for more information or to register visit: