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Assessment and Expert Testimony for Structural Damages to Multiple Homes

Client: Confidential
Location: Central New Mexico

Challenge. Conduct investigations to determine causes of structural damages to homes, recommend methods for repairing damage, and provide expert opinion and testimony for litigation.

Solution. On behalf of the home builder (Defendant), and their attorney and insurance companies, INTERA personnel are serving as experts regarding damages to individual homes within a large subdivision in central New Mexico. Three separate lawsuits have been filed involving 27 homeowners (Plaintiffs). An INTERA Principal Engineer, Larry M. Coons PE, is serving as a classified expert in civil/geological engineering and hydrogeology, to determine the causation of the damages and repair methodologies. INTERA’s duties include coordination with legal counsel; performing non-destructive assessments (NDAs) of each of the damaged homes including inspections, interior floor level and exterior topography surveys; and destructive assessments (DAs) including hollow-stem auger drilling and sampling, hand-auger drilling and sampling, excavation of test pits, and leak-detection testing. Additional duties include developing expert opinion reports and providing expert testimony.