INTERA’s Dr. Michael Apted is a co-editor of a new reference book on the geological disposal of radioactive wastes called Geological Repository Systems for Safe Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuels and Radioactive Waste, 2nd edition, published by Elsevier/Woodhead Publishing. The papers included in this volume, authored by leading international experts, critically review state-of-the-art technologies and scientific methods relating to the implementation of the most effective approaches to the long-term, safe disposition of radioactive waste. Regulatory context and social engagement approaches are also major themes. INTERA staff contributed several papers in the area of safety assessment. The chapters in Part I of the book introduce the topic of geological disposal, providing an overview of near-surface, intermediate-depth, and deep borehole disposal and spanning low-, medium-, and high-level wastes. Part 2 addresses the different types of repository systems—crystalline, clay, and salt—and discusses methods of site surveying and construction. The critical safety issue of engineered barrier systems is the focus of Part 3, with topics ranging from nuclear waste canisters to buffer and backfill materials. Lastly, Parts 4 and 5 focus on safety, security, and acceptability, concentrating on repository performance assessment, then on radiation protection, environmental monitoring, and social engagement. Comprehensively revised, updated, and expanded with new material on topics of current importance, this is a standard reference for all nuclear waste management and geological repository professionals and researchers.