The New Mexico State Water Plan is a strategic management tool that provides important information about the state’s water resources and assists decision-makers at all levels. The Plan provides a range of strategies for addressing the complex water issues facing New Mexico. Joanna Stakutis, Senior Technical Editor at INTERA, was a valuable part of the Plan development process from start to finish. Ms. Stakutis authored the proposal that was awarded to provide technical editing support for the New Mexico State Water Plan. She worked with New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission staff, along with their subcontracted authors and project manager, on the draft State Water Plan Technical Report and the Town Hall Background Report. Once public input was processed, the scope had expanded into a three-volume document, Ms. Stakutis authored the scope of work to include these three volumes and final printing. Along with her many other tasks, including developing the complex figures for Part I and a template based on their logo, Ms. Stakutis was also responsible for ongoing editing of the Plan. She created printed proof copies that allowed the team to finalize the Plan, and on December 6, the board adopted the Plan with no suggested changes. To view the Plan, visit: