A team led by INTERA has been selected to provide environmental commissioning services for the new City of Austin Water Treatment Plant 4 (WTP 4). INTERA will serve as part of the Environmental Commissioning Team (EC Team) along with representatives from the City's Watershed Protection and Development Review Department, Austin Water Utility, Public Works Department, and others. The EC Team will oversee the environmental commissioning process, which is the implementation of the mitigation measures and Best Management Practices established for the project, as well as monitor and audit performance, and make adaptive management decisions as required. The site for WTP 4 lies within the upper headwaters of Bull Creek, a suburban water supply watershed providing prime habitat for endangered Golden-Cheeked Warblers, the rare Jollyville Plateau Salamanders, and other flora and fauna indigenous to the area. This area is also over the northern Edward's Aquifer, a sensitive groundwater body. The project is currently in the Preliminary Design stage.