For the past year, INTERA has been using Workify, a people management software platform, to gain insight into employee engagement. This has led to finding new ways to successfully hire and retain millennials and integrate them into the company’s 40-year tradition of high-quality geosciences and engineering consulting. INTERA’s President and CEO, Dr. Marsh Lavenue, recently sat down to share the benefits of using the Workify platform (see the full video here). He discusses INTERA’s efforts to develop and nurture long-term employee engagements with a generation often characterized by its tendency to seek new employment frequently (a 2016 study by Deloitte found that 55% of millennials expect to leave their job in two years or less). According to the results of recent Workify surveys completed by INTERA employees, an average of 95% of the company’s entry-level employees can see themselves remaining with INTERA beyond the next two to four years. Of that 95%, 56% expect to be with INTERA beyond the next four years. INTERA’s success in retaining staff stems from the company’s culture of ownership, engaging millennials in mediums with which they are familiar and comfortable, and providing employees with opportunities to express ideas and opinions. Recognizing that a consulting firm’s most valuable asset is its people, all feedback from INTERA employees that is collected through the Workify surveys undergoes a comprehensive review to assist in developing and implementing new engagement and retention strategies.