INTERA has won a 3-year contract with the Swiss National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra) to support the deep boreholes project (TBO) with the performance, analysis, and documentation of hydraulic packer tests in vertical and inclined boreholes. The hydraulic packer tests will be performed at depths ranging between 30 to 1400 m in the sedimentary geological formations of the candidate siting regions investigated in the framework of the Swiss Sectoral Plan for Deep Geological Repositories (SGT). The tests will provide information on the permeability and pore pressure of the subject formations to be used in groundwater flow and transport models. A complete hydraulic packer-test system will be provided (downhole and surface equipment including the test string) with a data acquisition system. The tests will be performed using a straddle-packer system as well as with a single-packer configuration. In addition to packer testing, groundwater sampling will be performed. The analysis of the hydraulic tests will be carried out using advanced well-test interpretation methodologies that include a full suite of tools for uncertainty-related analyses. The team led by INTERA includes Solexperts (Switzerland), HydroResolutions (USA), and Geofirma (Canada).