As part of Leander ISD’s (LISD) COOL Week, INTERA’s Austin office recently hosted a group of local high school seniors aspiring to become geoscientists and engineers. COOL Week is a part of LISD's College & Career Pathways curriculum where graduating seniors are given a week-long opportunity to shadow real professionals in their everyday work environments for some hands-on, interactive experience and education. This unique, on-site exposure in their chosen profession allows students to ask all the right questions in preparation for college; what kind of aptitudes should I have, what undergraduate or postgraduate degree do I need, what do you actually do on a day-to-day basis, what do you enjoy most about your job? These are all important questions to ask before entering post-secondary education and COOL Week is an amazing opportunity for these (almost) young adults to get answers from actual geoscientists and engineers. Their day with INTERA included everything from sitting in on a Monday Manager Meeting to watching some educational videos about groundwater resources and aquifers. The students also listened to presentations on how and why some INTERAns decided to become geoscientists, visited the offices of several staff members to learn more about what geoscientists and engineers do, and received an in-depth look at some geological sites via Google Earth.