Dr. Jack Wittman, Principal Geoscientist and Vice President of INTERA’s Midwest division, presented during the kickoff of the inaugural Indiana Water Summit on August 12, 2018. The overarching goal of the summit was to lay the framework for the state and regional-level water planning. The two-day event brought together over 250 industry experts to discuss the issues facing Indiana’s water supply. Dr. Wittman’s talk entitled “Strategic Water Management in Indiana”, focused on the infrastructure, funding, and policies associated with water management in the state. As Indiana’s agricultural businesses continue to grow, they need more reliable water supplies for their crops. Per Dr. Wittman, Indiana uses most of its groundwater for public water supplies, but agriculture becomes almost as big of a user of water during the three summer months as public supplies – and this is statewide. Indiana has just recently created a water infrastructure task force to research water supply needs but creating a water infrastructure plan will likely take years.