Pat Jurcek received the Wisconsin AWRA Annual Distinguished Service Award for 2018. This honor is awarded to those who have made exceptional contributions to enhance the quality of water resources in Wisconsin and serve the goals of the Wisconsin AWRA. The award is based on service to the AWRA and service to the state. His service to the association is reflected in his long-standing positions in the state section and years of service. Service to the State: Pat’s background is unlike previous Distinguished Service Award winners, as he is not an employee of the State or local branch of the Federal Government. Pat consistently demonstrates the ability to work outside his duties in industry and consulting to promote exchange of hydrologic and geophysical information within the State. He has demonstrated his skill at promoting the exchange of information for decades but three examples follow:
    1. Leadership in municipal water supply – Pat has worked as a consultant for public water utilities in Wisconsin for over 25 years and helped clients modernize to think about the long-term. 2. WGNHS Storage Coefficient study – The State asked Pat to provide information from hundreds of pumping tests he and Layne conducted throughout the state. The WGNHS was financially supported for this work; Pat donated his time. 3. Exploratory drilling in western Wisconsin – Pat convinced a private client, sensitive about public relations, to make new wells available to WGNHS for geophysical logging in a part of the State where little public data is available.
Finally, Pat’s family runs a USDA-certified organic beef farm–the Brattset Family Farm–in southeastern Wisconsin. The 290-acre farm includes 146 acres of organically managed crop and pasture land, restored prairies and wetlands, along with beef cattle, dairy cows and hogs a testament to his beliefs in stewardship over the State’s land and water. We appreciate Pat’s high level of professionalism and public service while working as a private-sector consultant and now as a hydrogeologist at INTERA.