INTERA’s Marsh Lavenue, PhD, CEO and President, was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in Vistage’s 2021 Member Excellence Awards. The Member Excellence Awards celebrate those unwavering in their leadership climb, and their relentless pursuit of excellence. “In my view, the leadership climb speaks to the fact that you're not only climbing the ranks of a company, but also increasing your ability to serve others,” shares Dr. Marsh Lavenue. During his 11-year Vistage tenure, Marsh has more than tripled the revenue and profit of INTERA. Marsh has served as President and CEO of INTERA Incorporated since 2008. He joined INTERA in Austin as a Staff Hydrogeologist in 1985, and since that time has served as Albuquerque Group Manager, Director of Marketing and Sales, Vice President of Western Operations, and Senior Vice President of INTERA's Performance Assessment Division. Marsh has led the INTERA leadership team in its execution of INTERA’s mission of Delivering Excellence with Every Solution. Since taking over the leadership of the company, INTERA has grown significantly in headcount, geographical locations, revenue, and profitability through the establishment and execution of a corporate growth philosophy and strategy, an adherence to key performance indicator best practices, and the establishment of an intentional corporate culture based on stewardship. To watch, 5 Questions with Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Marsh Lavenue, visit: