The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) is presenting a webinar highlighting the Maverick Basin Aquifer Study, which was completed by INTERA, on Wednesday, May 8, from 2 to 3:30 pm CT. INTERAn, Cody Draper, PG, will present on the occurrence of slightly saline produced water from the deep Glen Rose Formation of the Maverick Basin, which is part of a TWDB contracted study for the Brackish Resources Aquifer Characterization System (BRACS) department.
Currently, many Glen Rose wells in the Maverick Basin flow fresh to slightly saline water to the surface without a pump. Overlaying available water quality and water production data on a previously published seismic amplitude anomaly map demonstrates that water production is focused along a left-lateral shear zone in central Maverick County. However, further research of produced water from the Glen Rose Formation shows that the occurrence of this water is more widespread than the primary shear zone. This study follows the work of the Railroad Commission of Texas’ Groundwater Advisory Unit, which publicized the occurrence of this water trend in 2021.
Evan Strickland, PG of TWDB and Cody Draper, PG, will co-host this event. To register for this webinar, visit -