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INTERA to Sponsor 2017 Clay Conference in Davos, Switzerland

INTERA Incorporated Swiss Branch (INTERA) will be one of the sponsors for the 7th International Conference on Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement (Clay Conference) at the Congress Center in Davos, Switzerland, between September 24 and 27. The Clay Conference is held for clay and clay mineral specialists and scientists working in radioactive waste disposal to gather and evaluate the progress of research in this field. Additionally, INTERA personnel (indicated in bold) will present two oral and five poster presentations at the Conference:

  • Estimation of anomalous hydraulic heads in low-permeability formations (oral presentation)
  • R. Beauheim, D. Heagle, J. Avis, R. Roberts

  • Hydraulic property distributions of the rock formations in the candidate siting regions of northern Switzerland (oral presentation)
  • A. Papafotiou, R. Senger, S. Hardie, J. Croisé, P. Marschall

  • Propagation of parameter uncertainty associated with model abstractions: Inverse modelling of coupled THM
    processes with simplified TH- models (poster)
  • A. Namhata, C. Li, M. Jigmond, A. Papafotiou, P. Marschall

  • A prediction-evaluation approach for the FE- experiment in Mont Terri: tunnel and nearfield temperatures (poster)
  • A. Papafotiou, A. Singh, R. Senger, B. Garitte, P. Marschall

  • Parametric sensitivity analysis of heat and gas release for a geological repository for SF/HLW in northern
    Switzerland (poster)
  • A. Papafotiou, A. Namhata, A. Singh, M. Williams, M. Jigmond, P. Marschall

  • Influence of pore pressure on test-zone compressibility and consequences for the interpretation of test data
  • B. Paris, R. Roberts, R. Beauheim

  • Stochastic modelling of coupled hydromechanical phenomena in bentonite with an abstracted model incorporating subscale information (poster)
  • R. Senger, A. Namhata, A. Papafotiou, P. Marschall