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Joseph Tracy, PGAbhishek Singh, PhD, PEBenoît Paris, PhDWade Oliver, PG

Joseph Tracy, PG

Joseph “Joe” Tracy’s professional experience in the environmental consulting field has focused on serving both private sector and municipal clients on projects involving Phase I environmental site assessments (ESAs), detailed Phase II site investigations, remedial planning, and site remediation. He has provided his expertise to a variety of clients including municipal, state, and federal government,…
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Abhishek Singh, PhD, PE

Abhishek Singh’s professional experience has focused on research and application experience in the areas of groundwater and surface water modeling, planning and decision analysis, risk and uncertainty analyses, optimization techniques, and temporal/spatial statistics. He has expertise in the development, calibration, and application of hydrologic and data-driven models to support robust water-resources decision-making. He has served…
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Benoît Paris, PhD

Benoît Paris’s professional experience has focused on quantitative hydrogeology, geochemistry, and numerical code development in support of environmental and radioactive waste isolation projects. He has designed and implemented coupled geochemical (speciation) and groundwater flow and contaminant transport codes, and developed a numerical well test simulator. Benoît has performed groundwater flow and fate and transport modeling…
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Wade Oliver, PG

Wade Oliver’s professional experience has focused on the characterization of groundwater systems and the development and application of numerical flow models to analyze these systems. His experience includes characterizing the structure, water quality, and water levels of aquifers, updating aquifer management plans for groundwater conservation districts (GCDs), and developing groundwater availability models to support water…
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