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Elliott GordonBruce Williams, PGSandra MondragonRoss Kushnereit

Elliott Gordon

Elliott Gordon brings experience in construction management, hydrology, soil mechanics, and underground construction methods. His background includes field and laboratory work in chemistry and hydrology, rock and soils testing by ASTM standards, and surveying. He is also skilled in AutoCAD, ArcGIS, HEC and Hydrus modeling, iRIC SToRM, Rocscience, and applications of the finite element method.
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Bruce Williams, PG

Bruce Williams brings applied experience in many aspects of geology and geophysical evaluations in the petroleum and environmental industries. His experience includes serving as technical lead for site characterization and well design and installation projects. Mr. Williams also has experience in development of multi-contaminant plume conceptual site models in support of subsurface cleanup goals. He…
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Sandra Mondragon

Sandra Mondragon brings experience in web development and system programming with expertise in languages that include Html, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, C, C++, Python, MATLAB and Java. She has worked with several web development frameworks, such as Angular2, Django, Highcharts, Leaflet, Node.js, and Dojo. Sandra’s skills are currently being applied to develop, test, and maintain…
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Ross Kushnereit

Ross Kushnereit brings experience in groundwater and surface water hydrology, with a focus on numerical model analysis, time-series analysis, and code development for hydrologic processes. He has developed numerous innovative tools for data interpretation and analysis, as well as database management. He has also been responsible for the development of new software for efficient geospatial…
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