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Ross KushnereitAli Forghani, Ph.D.Jose Luis LopezMohamed Hayek, Ph.D.

Ross Kushnereit

Ross Kushnereit brings experience in groundwater and surface water hydrology, with a focus on numerical model analysis, time-series analysis, and code development for hydrologic processes. He has developed numerous innovative tools for data interpretation and analysis, as well as database management. He has also been responsible for the development of new software for efficient geospatial…
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Ali Forghani, Ph.D.

Ali Forghani brings experience in the areas of groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling, heuristic optimization models, machine learning and data analysis, and hydrologic modeling. He specializes in simulation and optimization models to evaluate performance of aquifer and storage recovery (ASR) wells, and the conjunctive use of surface and ground water resources in arid regions.…
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Jose Luis Lopez

Jose Lopez’s experience focuses on collecting, analyzing, manipulating, and developing spatial data pertaining to Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He specializes in analyzing GIS data and using it to identify trends, build geodatabases, and create interactive maps to visualize data changes. He will be applying his skills to support and assist INTERA GIS Specialists with map…
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Mohamed Hayek, Ph.D.

Mohamed Hayek’s experience has focused on modeling single and multiphase flow and transport processes for a variety of applications, including safety assessment of waste sites, reactive transport, CO2 sequestration, contaminant transport, heat/mass transfer, and flow processes in both saturated and unsaturated regimes. He has been involved in several projects related to the framework of radioactive…
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