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Michael Apted, PhDPhilip Dompe, PE

Michael Apted, PhD

Michael “Mick” Apted’s experience has focused on applied geochemistry and material studies related to global geochemical cycles, including reactive-transport processes, spectroscopic analysis of geologic materials, thermodynamic phase equilibria studies, and modeling and confirmatory testing of integrated systems for waste disposal. He is an expert in planning, managing, and conducting risk and safety assessments related to…
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Philip Dompe, PE

Philip “Phil” Dompe’s professional expertise has been focused on hydrodynamic modeling and coastal engineering. His expertise includes one- and two-dimensional modeling of oceans, bays, inlets, manmade waterways, and other tidally-influenced water bodies to address water quality, circulation, and sediment transport issues. Phil’s modeling experience includes application of SWAN+ADCIRC, WAM, RMA2/RMA4, UNET, HEC-RAS and other spreadsheet-based…
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