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Portfolio Category: Coastal Engineering

Design of Coastal Protection Structures for the State Road A1A Emergency Repair

[row] [span8] Client: Florida Department of Transportation and City of Fort Lauderdale Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA Challenge. Quantify potential erosion and toe scour to aid in fast-track design of seawall proposed in response to erosion caused by Hurricane Sandy and the Thanksgiving Day storm Solution. In fall 2012, Hurricane Sandy undermined sidewalks, an existing…
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Hindcast of Storm-Surge from Hurricane Sandy

Client: Private Insurance Company Location: Coastal New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, USA Challenge. Analyze and assimilate wind/storm surge data and provide tool to support resolving insurance claims resulting from flooding and wave damage. Solution. For a major insurance company, INTERA provided a hindcast of the winds, storm surge elevations, wave heights, and flow velocities…
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Hydraulics and Scour Analysis for Pier Design of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Client: Washington State Department of Transportation Location: Tacoma, Washington, USA Challenge. Estimate design scour at existing and proposed bridge piers under large, tidal-influenced flow conditions and deep water depths Solution. INTERA performed hydraulic and scour analyses for the existing and proposed Tacoma Narrows Bridge piers. This site experiences large astronomical spring tides and tidal induced…
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Coastal Modeling for Federal Chicago Shoreline Protection Alternatives for Morgan Shoal

Client: Chicago Department of Transportation Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA Challenge. Design shoreline structures to meet the level of protection specified by the National Economic Development (NED) plan Solution. Taking advantage of a large bedrock outcropping (Morgan Shoal) that lies just offshore, the City of Chicago and Chicago Department of Transportation considered an alternative shoreline protection…
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