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Portfolio Category: GIS Data Mgmt

Web-Based Well Location and Water Use Reporting System

Client: High Plains Underground Water Conservation District Location: Lubbock, Texas, USA Challenge. Develop a more automated system to enable water well owners and operators to report well locations, meter locations, and meter readings Solution. The High Plains Underground Water Conservation District (HPWD) is the largest and oldest of the Texas conservation districts, and oversees approximately…
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Closure of the St. Anthony Uranium Mine Site

Client: General Electric/United Nuclear Corporation (UNC) Location: Cibola County, New Mexico, USA Challenge. Develop and implement remedial action strategy and plan for closing an inactive uranium mine site Solution. INTERA has developed technical and regulatory strategies for site characterization and closure of this inactive uranium mine site that includes a pit lake, a dry pit…
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Automated GIS Tools for Enhanced Spatial Analysis and Data Reporting at the Hanford Site

Client: U.S. Department of Energy (through subcontract with CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Company) Location: Richland, Washington, USA Challenge. Create customized tools to improve workflow and spatial analysis capabilities for Hanford Site GIS activities Solution. INTERA added new and improved functionalities to the Hanford Site GIS through the development of several customized computer applications and scripts.…
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